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Natalie gets a letter from Nick Horrocks's solicitor citing Kevin as co-respondent in their divorce. She spells it out to him that Nick's entitled to half the house in the divorce and they'll have nothing to live on. Vera calls a shareholders' meeting and they agree to get a jukebox. Alec tells her that they need a younger clientele and says that they'll have to replace older faces behind the bar. Vera doesn't get the hint and assumes he means Betty. Kevin asks Sally to accept less money but she refuses. Maud accuses Maureen of attention-seeking when she announces she intends to sell the shop. Maureen is adamant that she's had enough of running it without support and she's fed up with life being so hard. Betty is furious when Vera tells her she's got to go as Alec feels she's too old. She goes for Alec but he disarms her, saying they still need her culinary talents and want her to oversee all the catering. Gary worries that the baby might be a villain like Liam Shepherd. Vera realises Alec wants rid of her from the bar and tells him that she'll never leave. Des, Angie and Curly have a farewell meal for Samantha. Des is upset as every woman he loves runs away. Fred tells Maureen it's a good idea for her to sell up but urges her to go a step further and marry him and combine their businesses. She agrees, although she warns him that she'll never love him completely. Des begs Samantha to stay in Weatherfield. When Natalie tells him they've turned into a pathetic rowing couple, Kevin walks out on her saying that he should never have left Sally.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Natalie takes things one step too far, Maureen makes a shock announcement, and Des tries his powers of persuasion on Samantha.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,500,000 viewers (4th place - combined figure including repeat).
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