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Ken is livid about the story in the paper, annoyed that David has let the family down even though he was always viewed as the golden boy. A bad-tempered Len bickers with Jack and Annie over the story. Stan has been put off David by the allegations. Minnie wonders what Wormold wants with Ena. Hilda has doubts about Stan and Charlie's wastepaper business. Ken wants to have the matter out with David but Val doesn't want any rows in her condition. David and Irma return from a night out. Stan refuses to let her bring David into No.13. Ken and Val are plagued by reporters ringing them. Ken goes to visit Frank and discuss the matter with him. Len tells Elsie her list of repairs she wants Wormold to carry out on No.11 is unreasonable but he'll prepare her an estimate. Irma is upset over Stan's attitude. Ken returns and tells David that Frank was horrified, even though he doesn't believe a word of the allegations. To please Val, Ken tells him that he doesn't believe it either, although he's unconvinced. Ena keeps her appointment with Wormold. He tells her that Mrs. Briggs, owner of the Street, died a couple of months ago and has left Ena one of the houses in gratitude for her harmonium playing at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall years before. Wormold offers to buy it off her for £350 but when she discovers which house it is she tells him that she's definitely keeping it.


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