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Stan collects paper from Val as part of his business. She has heard about Hilda's fortune-telling and asks if she will do the same for her. David apologises to Stan for leaving him and Hilda in the kitchen. Val tells David she thinks his poorly leg is an act he's putting on. Not approving of the relationship, Ken can't bring himself to ask Irma if she and his brother are serious. Hilda helps Irma in the corner shop as Florrie is ill. Elsie is also interested in Hilda's fortune-telling. Hilda is offended when Ena sneers it's for weak-minded folk. Val tells Ken she's sure something is the matter with David. Albert is tired after pushing a handcart collecting paper for the business. Hilda agrees to do a reading for Val. Ken says the whole thing is a joke. Jack and Annie plan for the Rovers' New Year's Eve. Behind Ken's back, Val goes to No.13 for a reading of the cards. Elsie and Ena join in, though neither is pleased to see the other there. Ken tells David he could better than Irma. Stan, Charlie and Albert disturb the reading when they bring masses of paper and card into the house. Hilda deduces from the cards that Val is going to have twins. She also predicts that something has been going on which is going to give her a turn when she finds out about it. Ena and Elsie get cold feet about having their future read. Val is honest with Ken about the reading. They receive a phone call from a reporter wanting to speak to David. Val worries what it could be about. Ena shows Annie a letter she's received a letter from landlord Edward Wormold asking her to see him. Ken goes to fetch David from the Rovers only to find he's already gone out on the town. Len brings the evening paper in which carries the story that David has been suspended, suspected of taking a bribe. When Len intimates that it runs in the family, Ken punches him to the ground.


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