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Sally needs money so begs Mike for a job on the machines. She is grateful when he employs her and gives up her job at the shop. Maud is furious that she's left them in the lurch. Jon takes Deirdre to his house. She is impressed but he struggles to locate things in the house. Fred helps Maureen out in the shop, enjoying himself behind the counter. Alan tells Steve to stay away from Fiona and hits him. Steve fights back until Jim stops them. Steve is bewildered by the attack. Both he and Jim are surprised to learn Fiona wants to leave Weatherfield. Deirdre is thrilled when Jon asks her to move into his house when they return from holiday. Rita advises Sally to hire a solicitor to sort out her finances from Kevin. Des is amazed when Samantha agrees to go out with him. Ken snaps at Daniel, totally unable to cope with him. Fiona is furious when she discovers Alan has hit Steve. Chris tells Angie that he thinks they need more privacy and complains that she's only interested in him for sex. Denise phones Ken and he asks her to collect Daniel early.


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