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Gail and Martin go to Paris. Andy flies out to Spain. Jon works as normal in the Tie 'n' Fly shop at the airport, having told Deirdre that he's flying to Nairobi. Steve offers to invest in the business on the condition he is made a partner and they take on bigger jobs. Bill thinks there must be a catch as he doesn't trust him. Steve tells Fiona that Alan isn't good enough for her and declares his own love for her. She tells him that she's not interested in him and is annoyed when he tells her that he won't give up on her. He proposes to her but she turns him down flat. Judy takes Zoe to see a doctor to have her checked over. She has high blood pressure and is alarmed when the doctor tells her she should attend antenatal clinic. Judy and Zoe refuse to attend classes as they don't want anyone to know about the baby. Gary tells them they can't just hide away; they'll need a midwife and the authorities. Bill agrees to Steve's conditions so long as the partnership is equal. Jim is pleased. Jim urges Fiona not to rush into marriage; guessing that she doesn't trust herself after they slept together. Judy is furious to hear the gossip about Gary being the father of Zoe's baby. She announces that this is not the case in the Rovers. Gary tells her it's obvious that people will talk about them. Jon rings Deirdre from work, pretending to be in Africa. Deirdre is thrilled and confesses to Emily that she's in love.


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