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Gary tells Judy that they can't buy Zoe's baby as it's illegal. She thinks no one would find out if they moved away and started afresh. Andy looks forward to a holiday backpacking in Spain. Jim gives him £50, Steve £250 and Liz buys his ticket. Zoe assures Judy she does not want the baby and she'll find another way of getting rid of it. Steve is frustrated when Bill and Jim turn down a good contract because the job is too big. He feels that they should be looking for bigger jobs but they're not interested. Gary questions Zoe about the deal and she assures him that the money would only be payable if the baby was healthy. He realises he can't let Judy down. Les plans to make a pass at Samantha and tries to get the girls out of No.5. Toyah agrees to get lost and leave them alone together on the condition he gives her £40. She gives the money to Roy and he is forced to agree to give her a job in return. Judy and Zoe celebrate when Gary agrees to buy the baby. Les lures Samantha to No.5 by playing loud music. She is horrified when he makes it clear that he wants her and is relieved when Janice returns home unexpectedly. Janice is suspicious of his motives in talking to Samantha. Jim tells Fiona he felt wonderful being with her and can't get her out of his mind. She feels uncomfortable but is saved from hurting his feelings by the arrival of Alan. He tells her that he's back for good, delighting her. Jim feels rejected.


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