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Stan is annoyed that there's no bacon and eggs for his breakfast and Hilda reminds him he hasn't had a regular job for four months. Stan speaks sternly to Irma about coming home at 3.00am after being out late with David until he's reminded that the lad has both a good job and money. Hilda thinks she ought to invite David to tea. Albert continues to speculate about David's supposed injury. Bored with the talk, Ken asks David outright and is told there's a huge difference between dancing and footballing on the legs. Charlie tells Jack he's been sacked by Gus Lowman from the club. Interested in matchmaking, Annie lends Hilda her Crown Derby tea set for David's tea. Irma's godfather, Bernie Sparks, turns up in the corner shop from London. She doesn't remember him from her childhood. Albert helps Charlie and Stan look through the job adverts, but Bernie interrupts them. He offers Stan a job. Irma gets annoyed with all the teasing from customers about her and David. Hilda invites David to tea but Irma reminds her that they have neither food nor money. Annie delivers the tea set and Hilda reads her tea leaves. Hilda demands Stan gets his best suit on and she buys food on tick. Bernie is taken with Elsie and insists on taking her out. She puts him off by suggesting that Len joins them. Stan turns down Bernie's job which involves driving a wastepaper van for £12 a week. He's already planned to start up a similar business himself in the area with Albert and Charlie. A first large batch of paper is brought in by Charlie just as David arrives for the tea. Annie is stressed that one of Hilda's tea leaf predictions means that Billy's in trouble again. Whilst washing-up, Stan breaks one of Annie's plates. From the kitchen, with the door closed on Hilda's order, Stan tries to listen to what David and Irma are up to in the back room. He doesn't realise they've gone out bowling and Hilda insists they remain in the kitchen and not disturb the couple until asked.


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  • This episode carried neither cast nor production credits and only a short burst of the theme music at the very end over the Granada Television caption.
  • TV Times synopsis: In which Hilda looks into the future and Stan peeps through a keyhole
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,100,000 homes (1st place).
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