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Kevin wants to see Sally but Bill advises against it. Bill spots Roy using his drill and Les has some explaining to do when Bill finds out where he got it from. He calls on Les and threatens to call the police. The Battersbys con Bill by saying that Toyah is under a psychologist for her stealing habits. Sally gets her job back at the corner shop. Alma isn't happy with her posters being used to recommend something she's never tried. Steve needs an alibi for Monday night but Maxine denies being with him. Sally shouts at Rita for keeping Kevin's affair a secret from her. Roy wants his money back off Les but there's no way they're paying - although Janice feels they ought to make an effort to get on with their new neighbours and rows with Les and Toyah when they're not interested. Natalie calls to see Kevin but gets Sally instead who tells her where Kevin is. As Natalie walks away, Sally follows her and slaps her hard across the face.


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