Leanne goes after a job at the Salon and is seen off. Maxine feels guilty over kissing Steve. Chris feels sorry for Natalie when he finds her crying in the garage. Alma is pleased with the professional photographs taken of her for the Firmans' campaign. Natalie tells Chris that she thought an affair with Kevin would be fun but then she fell in love with him and he's all that matters to her. Andy celebrates getting a 2:2 in Combined Studies. Liz and Jim are proud of him. Kevin is thrilled when Sally phones to say she's coming home. Alma is embarrassed to see her photographs all over the store, promoting lines. DS O'Grady calls at No.11 and takes Steve in for questioning over some stolen whisky during a celebration for Andy's degree. Ken complains to Les about the noise coming from the Battersby house but gets the door slammed in his face. Sally brings the girls home and tells Kevin that he's mistaken if he thinks she's changed her mind; she's just decided that they need the house. She gives him five minutes to pack before throwing him out. As Steve is driven away, Kevin walks out of the back door of No. 13 with his things.


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