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Fred spends the night on the golf course before being rescued by a passer-by. Sally tries to keep the break-up from the children. Alma is stunned to find her photograph blown-up at work under the banner "employee of the month". She begs Curly to take it down but he refuses. Maureen is furious when Ashley tells her that Fred has been out all night and often does stop out all night when he's been drinking. She begins to think Maud is right about him. Kevin arrives in Scarborough. Sally doesn't want to see him but is forced to let him in when the children get excited about seeing him. When she hears Fred is away, Maxine suggests to Ashley that they spend time at his house. When Alma complains about her picture, Eric Firman tells her that they'll have a proper photographic session to get a better picture of her. Kevin apologises to Sally for hurting her but she tells him that he's ruined everything they've had. He begs her to take him back for the sake of the children but she throws him out. Rosie follows to say goodbye but he doesn't see her and drives off. Fred returns home, his broken leg in plaster, to find Maxine dancing around the house in her underwear. She is horrified, Ashley embarrassed and Fred delighted. Sally is horrified when she realises Rosie is missing. She assumes Kevin has her and phones him but he assures her that he hasn't.


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  • As with the other episodes shown during this week, almost all of the episode was shot on location or the outdoor set. The only conventionally-shot studio scenes were set in Deirdre Rachid's flat.
  • TV Times synopsis: Fred is surprised by Maxine. Kevin begs Sally for forgiveness.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,370,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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