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Bill urges Kevin to do anything to get Sally to take him back. He is amazed that Kevin thinks Sally is to blame for their break-up. He tells Kevin he's a fool. Kevin stays at Natalie's house. Mike tries to teach Curly how to play golf and bumps into Fred giving Ashley lessons. Fred and Mike bet £50 on the outcome of a game with their pupils. Sally takes the girls to Scarborough after driving to Natalie's house to let Kevin to say goodbye to them. He is shattered and hates the way she's making all the decisions. Natalie assures him that it will all be sorted out in the divorce. Alma is flattered when Eric Firman tells her that he's impressed by her work and will give her a pay rise. Ashley is shocked when Fred cheats, swapping balls in the rough. Sally arrives at her mother's house and tells her that she's left Kevin and never returning. Curly is jubilant when his finishing shot wins the game and beats Fred and Ashley. Fred is furious and throws his club into the thicket. When he tries to find it he falls and injures his leg. Natalie is upset when Kevin drives to Scarborough. Maureen is furious when Fred stands her up at a restaurant. As night falls he is left stranded, in pain, on the golf course.


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