Albert has stage fright as the street panto approaches and buys several rums as dutch courage. The Walkers supply lemonade for the children who turn up at the mission for the panto. Stan and Len fetch it over. Minnie has spent all night learning everyone's lines by heart in her role as the prompt and keeps falling asleep. Emily feels faint and asks for an understudy but Swindley gives a pep talk to the players and helpers as the curtain rises. Ena and Florrie arrange the children's refreshments, Hilda is in charge of make-up and Stan the props. The gathered children enjoy the pantomime. David flashes his money around with new suits and nights out. A nervous Len has to go on stage as the broker's man and gets two custard pies in the face from Irma which makes the children laugh uproariously. Annie makes a grand entrance as the fairy godmother. A pony has been hired to bring the coach on to the stage which takes Cinderella to the ball. David waits for Irma with Ken and Val in the Rovers. He insists on paying for all the drinks. He tells Jack he has a strained ligament but a suspicious Albert has been told by Irma that they went dancing all night. Albert is late returning for the ball scene. Elsie gives a barnstorming performance of Hey Look Me Over. Swindley is impressed with Lucille's performance and tells Minnie he has given her name to the local dramatic society. Ena, Florrie and Hilda are exhausted. Swindley wants everyone on the stage for the curtain call but Ena and Minnie refuse. His grateful thanks to them almost brings Ena to tears. The panto ends with the entire cast singing She Loves You.

Cast of Cinderella:
Cinderella - Lucille Hewitt
Buttons - Dennis Tanner
Prince Charming - Elsie Tanner
Dandini - Emily Nugent
Ugly Sisters - Irma and Charlie Moffitt
Fairy Godmother - Annie Walker
Baron Stoneybroke - Albert Tatlock
Broker's Man - Len Fairclough


Regular cast

Guest cast



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