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Jack spends the night sleeping in the Rovers' yard. Steve tells Fiona that Alan threatened him to stay away from her. Vera has the locks changed on the pub. Alec is furious when she refuses to let him in and urges Jack to fight back. Emily enjoys herself, giving Des the sex book back, but not before she looks through it in front of him. She enjoys shocking him. Alec and Jack trick their way into the Rovers by posing as draymen. Des organises a trip to Laser Crusader and gets at Chris over his moral objection to war games. Chris agrees to play when Angie asks him to. Jack assures Vera that he won't let Alec take over and that the Rovers will always be their pub. Vera bounces back to fight Alec and show him she's still the licensee. Chris beats all the others in the war zone, annoying Des. Fiona assures Alan that Steve is not a threat to him. Judy is disturbed to see Zoe begging in the streets. She gives her £10.


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