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Des settles down back at No.6 and makes it clear he doesn't like having Chris in the house. He posts a sex book through the Wiltons' door as a joke before discovering Derek has died. He is stunned by the news and horrified that Mavis will get the book. He discovers that she is on holiday and Emily has a key. Vera returns from Morecambe to discover Alec has bought into the Rovers. She hits Jack, accusing him of selling their dreams. He tries to explain he had no option but she fears Alec will take over. Angie is pleased when Chris invites her to move into his bedroom with him. Emily finds out about Des posting the sex book to Mavis and lets him sweat, refusing to open the house so he can retrieve it. Steve shows Fiona a house which he is doing up before it goes on the market. Fiona thinks it's great but Alan is annoyed that she's been on her own with Steve. Des is annoyed when Angie moves into the back bedroom with Chris. She is thrilled as it feels they're having a proper relationship. Alan tells Steve to stay away from Fiona, implying that he'll have him locked up if he doesn't. Jack is stunned when Vera locks him out of the pub.


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