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Angie is surprised when Chris offers to move out as they don't seem to be getting on. She tells him that she just wants them to be friends again, without the complications. Steve starts work with Jim and Bill. Alec offers Jack £17,000 for a fifty-fifty partnership in the Rovers. Jack tells him that he'd agree for £25,000. Alan tells Fiona about Liz stirring things and is annoyed to realise she has entertained Steve. Sally tells Kevin that she knows he's keeping something from her and she's sure it's about Natalie. He fears that she knows about the affair and is relieved when she tells him she thinks Natalie fancies him. He admits she's been after him and swears he'd never do anything to wreck their marriage. He assures Sally he's told Natalie he doesn't fancy her. Fiona swears to Alan that Steve is just a friend. Alan tells her that he's jealous and sick of the way Steve is hanging around. She is flattered and assures him it's him who she loves. Deirdre finds it hard to believe a handsome pilot like Jon Lindsay would fancy her. Fiona tells Steve that he's wasting his time; she is going to marry Alan no matter how hard he tries to undermine their love. Alec gives Jack a cheque for £25,000 and they toast their new partnership, reluctantly on Jack's part.


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