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Sally wonders why Kevin is so moody all the time. He asks her to leave him alone. Angie overhears Janice telling Ida about stealing underwear. Janice tells her that she only takes rejects so Angie lets her off with a warning. Sally accuses Kevin of pushing her away but he refuses to talk to her about his feelings. Steve doesn't go to Birmingham, telling Liz he doesn't want to leave Weatherfield until he's certain Fiona doesn't want him. Mavis takes a coaching holiday, visiting famous homes and gardens in the West Country. Rita tells Alec that she's considering going into partnership with Jack but he warns her against the venture; Jack's in debt and the bank refused him a loan. Judy tells Gary about the laparoscopy, her blockage and her abortion. He is stunned and struggles to come to terms with it all. Steve tells Fiona he didn't get the job. Rita realises Alec is right; the Duckworths are a bad bet. Bill tells Kevin to put some effort into his marriage and to remember his vows. Kevin tells him that it's nothing to do with him. Kevin tells Sally it's her fault he's distant; leaving him alone with Rosie for weeks on end and cracking-up their marriage.


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