The players have a council of war in the Rovers about Swindley's attitude. Albert is intransigent but the others agree to apologise to Swindley and continue with the panto. Swindley comes in and is offered apologies by Charlie as the group's spokesman but he refuses to return. Ena reads them all the riot act, shaming them into remembering that they're doing the panto for the kids, not themselves. Val gets her third cancellation of the day and blames Ken. He's unconcerned. The cast gather back in the mission as Len paints the scenery. They try to rehearse the last scene but Elsie is late, resting at home and getting wound up by Dennis. Irma sees a shiny expensive car in the street and asks who's it could be. It belongs to David Barlow, who has turned up for a surprise visit. He claims he has a minor leg injury and tells Ken and Val that he doesn't want the press knowing where he is. They start to grow suspicious as to the reason behind the visit. Charlie passes a message on to an alarmed Len that he's wanted to appear as a broker's man in the play. Ken takes David into the Rovers but they both get cold-shouldered. Acting as prompt, Minnie constantly jumps in with the words when she isn't needed. Ena and Florrie exasperate Swindley when they try to discuss catering arrangements on the stage. Annie clears the hall when she insists on rehearsing her singing. Having fallen for David, Irma follows him back to No.9. They agree to go on a date tomorrow night. The women have retreated to the vestry while Annie continues to sing. Ena rushes to fetch Elsie to rehearse her scene to put a stop to her. Swindley gets more and more annoyed with the players' slapdash attitude. Elsie further interrupts proceedings when she enters and reveals her knockout costume and tights to the assembled players.


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Notable dialogue

Valerie Barlow (to Ken Barlow): "You haven't a clue about people round 'ere, 'ave you? You wanna take your nose out of your books for a minute or two and give them a good look."

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