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The Duckworths fear they'll be made bankrupt. Kevin is annoyed when Bill asks him if he's having an affair with Natalie. He denies it and is stunned when Bill tells him that he knows he told Rita he'd had a fling with her. Bill isn't satisfied when Kevin swears there's nothing going on. Roy is bothered by the fact the cooker has a knob missing. He tries out replacements from the junk shop. When he starts pulling the cooker out, Gail gets fed up with his obsession. To make a point to Bill, Kevin and Natalie drink at the Rovers having a 'business' lunch. Roy's fiddling with the cooker blows all the fuses in the cafe. Steve tries to find work with his old contacts including Jez Quigley but doesn't succeed. Jack goes to the bank for a loan. Mr Reynolds, the bank manager, tells him he still owes £26,000 from his original loan to buy the Rovers and points out that Jack is not getting any younger. He's refused the loan. Gail is furious as the power cut keeps the customers away. Jim mends the system and Roy finds the missing knob under the freezer, but when he turns it on he discovers the ring doesn't work. Bill tells Rita that he knows Kevin is hiding something. He phones Sally and tells her to come home. Jack tells Vera he's sorted out the money problems and encourages her to go on holiday with Tricia Armstrong and the children.


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