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Natalie and Kevin enjoy spending the night together and she suggests they go away to a hotel together. The Baldwins return from holiday and Mike breaks the news that he told Curly not to employ Alma. She is furious that he felt she needed protecting. She tells him that she needs something to occupy her mind. Liz assures Andy that she does love him but he isn't willing to forgive and forget. They go with Jim to pick Steve up as he leaves prison. Kevin tells Bill he's worried about Sally and wants to see her. Bill agrees to look after Rosie for the night so he can go to Scarborough. Alma tells Curly that she still wants to work at Firman's Freezers and is furious to learn Mike told him she was mentally unstable. She gets Curly to give her a job stacking shelves. Steve comes home to No.11 and thanks his family for standing by him. He is horrified when Jim tells him that he's got him a job as his apprentice and tells him he doesn't want it. Kevin pulls out the telephone wires at home so Sally won't phone in his absence. Gary worries that children will come between him and Judy. When she assures him they won't he agrees to have fertility tests. Kevin and Natalie book into a hotel but Kevin is stunned when she admits to having brought her previous boyfriend there. He is amazed that she had a lover for twelve years and feels that he's just another conquest. He walks out on her at the hotel.


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