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Angie and Chris are pleased to have spent the night together but are awkward about their living arrangements. Maureen is alarmed when Fred keeps calling on her. Gary and Judy pull together, comforting each other over being caught up in Zoe's plan. Deirdre is pleased when Jon Lindsay looks her up at work and asks her out, however she is wary about getting involved with someone again. Natalie is upset that Kevin has cast her aside as she has become emotionally involved. He is stunned when she tells him that she loves him. Kevin is confused. Judy tells Gary she thinks they should have tests to sort out their infertility problems. Kevin is annoyed when Sally phones to say she can't return home yet as her mother needs to get used to the home help. Fred asks Maureen out for a meal. She realises she likes the way he makes her laugh and agrees on the condition he's discreet. Angie and Chris both chicken out of making the next move. Natalie is thrilled when Kevin calls her at night.


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