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Angie needs models to show off her underwear but Chris refuses to help out. Gary tells Judy it's obvious that Liam is just trying to blackmail them and is angry that she thinks he did hit him. Maureen tells Rita that she had to finish with Bill as he never excited her. Natalie installs a computer at the garage. Emily chases Alec for the raffle money to give to the hospital. Curly is embarrassed when, in front of all the regulars, Maud accuses him of seducing innocent women. Judy gives Liam £150, all the money she has. He tells her it's not enough. Natalie is surprised when Chris tells her that he knows what's going on between Kevin and her and worries that Sally is going to get hurt. Samantha tells Jim that all she wants from him is to be his friend. He agrees to be her pal. Curly shouts at Maureen for telling Maud about them. Alec hands the raffle money over to Emily. Liz gets a job at the Warwick Hotel on Chepstow Road. Samantha agrees to model for Angie if Chris does as well. Chris is forced to agree. Judy tells Liam she can't give him any more money. He tells her that he'll go to the police unless she gives him another £100.


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  • Although the Underworld business would not be seen as a working operation until Episode 4206 (4th June 1997), the premises with sewing machines in place is first seen in this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: Angie looks for volunteers to model her underwear. Judy is desperate to raise cash to save Gary.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,180,000 viewers (10th place - combined figure including repeat).
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