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Florrie has been asked to prepare the refreshments for the panto. Irma is interested in Piggott after finding out he is a rich widower. Annie is annoyed that a scene was created in the Rovers. Ken's teaching colleagues have advised him to let the bribe incident pass but he thinks matters of integrity are involved. Val disagrees with him. Swindley and Emily decorate the shop. Interested in taking more control over the panto, he refuses to let Emily have extra time off for preparations. Len measures up the stage for the scenery as Albert tries to rehearse with Ena's help. Stan turns up late to assist Len, direct from his Santa Claus work. Ena sees through Swindley when he arrives and tries to take over. He gives Albert revised lines. Piggott pushes his way into No.9. Ken tells him he'll be reporting him to the police. A livid Piggott storms into the Rovers and tells the regulars about Ken's threat. Ken goes to the police station and files a complaint. Albert tells Ken he's disgusted with him and that people in the area respect Piggott as a man who brought up his young son alone after his wife died. Ken is shocked when Val sides with Albert. Ken is given the cold shoulder by the regulars in the pub and quickly leaves. The rehearsal is in chaos when half the actors aren't present and Len and Charlie bring in scenery. Swindley's previous script changes don't help matters but he nevertheless takes charge. Ena confronts Val in the corner shop. Provoked, Val tells her that she's behind Ken all the way. Charlie and Irma get bored waiting to do their scene and Albert walks out when his lines are changed again. Swindley and Emily look up from their deliberations and see that the cast have all followed him.


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