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Kevin tells Natalie that he needs time to think. She accuses him of running scared. Maureen tells Maud about her one-night stand with Curly and how Bill has finished with her. Kevin decides to carry on seeing Natalie but tells her that they'll have to be careful to ensure Sally doesn't find out. Judy continues to have a rough time at the arcade from yob Liam Shepherd and his girlfriend Zoe Tattersall. She is frightened when he grabs her money but is stopped by Gary. Gary forces Liam to give the money back before throwing him out. Gary demands that Judy gives up the arcade but she refuses. Maureen tells Bill that there's nothing between her and Curly and they are reconciled. Jim cooks a meal for Samantha. He tells her how much he loved being married to Liz. She tells him that she's not interested in any relationships. Maud tells Bill that she doesn't trust Curly and thinks he should sort him out. Fiona is annoyed when Alan tells her that he has to go to London for a couple of weeks on a training course. Kevin passionately tells Natalie he doesn't care about Sally any more; he wants her instead. Bill tells Curly that he and Maureen are back together and warns him off her. He is furious when Curly tells him that Maureen got him into bed at Christmas; it was not his idea. Bill thumps Curly in the face.


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