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Curly is concerned to find Maureen crying in the shop. He takes her into the back room to comfort her. Samantha enjoys staying at the Rovers and running things. Judy gets annoyed by the way she bosses her around. Ida and Janice Battersby apply for jobs at Mike's new factory. Angie employs them, telling them that she's no pushover. Maureen panics when Bill calls at the shop as she fears he'll see Curly. She is forced to shut the shop up and put the alarm on as he takes her to Blackpool for the day. Curly is horrified as he's locked in. Judy threatens to walk out if Samantha doesn't start treating her with respect. Samantha is hurt when Judy accuses her of spending all her time chatting the male customers up. Rita calls on Natalie and warns her off Kevin. Natalie sees her off, saying that it's nothing to do with her if she is sleeping with Kevin. Curly passes the time by playing chess with alcohol items from stock and drinking the contents of the bottles. Kevin is startled when Natalie tells him that Rita has warned her off. He is pleased she denied their affair.


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Ida Clough (about Janice Battersby): "She's a right good worker."
Angie Freeman: "She wants to be, with a gob on 'er like that."

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