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Jack is uncomfortable when everyone calls him a miracle worker. Natalie tells Kevin that she wants him to spend the night with her and challenges him to find a babysitter. Mr Conway explains to Jack how he developed the art of stopping breathing and was one of Alec's acts - Lazarus the Living Corpse. He tells Jack that Alec has often ripped him off and he's having his revenge by hanging onto the tickets. Jack threatens to tell the police about the raffle unless Alec pays Conway his fee. Alec is forced to pay him £120. The Baldwins fly off to Cyprus. Mr Conway calls at the Rovers and tells the regulars that his doctor has advised him against flying so he gives the tickets to Las Vegas to Jack as a thank-you. Vera is thrilled and arranges with Samantha to look after the pub. Kevin tells Bill that he's going to an all-night stag party. Bill babysits with Maureen but she gets fed up when their romantic meal is spoiled as Rosie is sick. She tells him that she's fed up with the way their relationship always comes second. Kevin feels uncomfortable in Natalie's house. She assures him that she has no intention of becoming involved with him. Maureen storms out of No.13 and tells Rita about Bill babysitting whilst Kevin's away for the night.


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