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Kevin buys flowers for Rita but she is still furious with him. Gail suggests to Roy that they employ Alma part-time. Roy has doubts but Gail is enthusiastic about the idea. Mike discovers that the club's security tape from the night of the fire is with the police already as they were investigating a fight. Deirdre is stunned to be asked to become manager of Sunliners and feels awkward when Alec doesn't let on that he's been made redundant. She has to break the news that she knows. He assures her that he'll survive and tells her she'll make a great manager. Ashley appears before the magistrates and is remanded in custody. Fred is furious at the way he's being treated. Maxine feels sorry for him. Jim is surprised when Samantha invites him for a meal. Kevin phones Sally to tell her that he misses her and wishes she was home. He is embarrassed when Natalie calls and tells her that he wishes they hadn't gone to bed together. She is annoyed when he makes out she seduced him. She is hurt and tells him she'll stay away from him in future. Alma is pleased with the idea of working at the cafe and tells Gail she'll take the job. Mike and Frances Stillman watch the security video at the police station and see Ashley on it. Jim is confused by Samantha as he doesn't understand why she's interested in him. She tells him that most of the time she prefers her own company. Kevin phones Natalie to apologise and to tell her their night together was great and he would like to see her again.


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