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The wad of money sits untouched on top of the Barlows' television. Ken won't lay a finger on it, saying he's waiting for Piggott to come and take it back. He arranges with Albert to call on a daily basis, count the cash, and attest that it's not been spent. Emily has arranged a rehearsal for the panto at 8.00pm and insists that Elsie attends. She's not interested until she hears that she's been cast as Prince Charming. Emily's costume for Dandini has arrived and she's impatient to try it on. Elsie persuades her to lock the shop and do it now. Ken kids Albert on that he will be the only member of the Over 60's Club to be on probation if he touches the bribe. Emily is embarrassed when Swindley returns to work a few hours early at Gamma and finds her in her costume. She's pleased to see him back. Jack continues to turn the dagger with Annie for thinking he was being unfaithful. Billy gets a new job in London. Jack is angry to hear that Annie is playing the Fairy Queen in the panto and his annoyance drives Annie to tears. Albert rehearses on the stage alone until interrupted by Ena and Len arguing about long-delayed repairs to the mission. Swindley walks into the middle of the row. With Hilda ill in bed, Stan is forced to look after himself. Piggott asks Swindley what sort of man Ken is. Swindley tells Emily that Mr Papagopolous has instructed staff to hang a collection box on the shop's Christmas tree as there's not going to be a bonus this year. More costumes arrive. Swindley pushes himself in on the production. Elsie is astonished to hear that Irma and Charlie are going to play the ugly sisters. Florrie tells Irma that Piggott is well-liked in the area. Piggott calls on Ken and is handed the cash back and told to leave. He's offered another £100. Ken refuses the extended bribe and Piggott leaves without the money. Ken follows him to the Rovers and returns the money, publicly accusing him of trying to bribe him.


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