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Mike admits to Alma that he was humouring her as he thought it would do her good to occupy her mind with something. Fiona is proud of Alan's promotion. Sean tries to apologise to Samantha but she refuses to discuss the matter and ignores him. Jim sees him pestering her and tries to warn him off. Furious and embarrassed, Sean storms out whilst Samantha snaps at Jim to keep out of her business in future. She quickly realises she's in the wrong and apologises, telling him that she's grateful. Alec goes to Southampton to meet Sam Briscoe and is stunned to be told that he's being made redundant and being replaced by Deirdre. Rita babysits so Chris and Kevin can celebrate a win at the races by going to a club. Chris tells Natalie and she turns up at the club. Maxine helps Ashley pack his belongings from No.5 to move into Fred's house. They are interrupted by the police who arrest him on suspicion of arson. She is distraught and alerts Mike. Mike is upset at Ashley's arrest and goes to the nightclub to see if the manager remembers Ashley. He doesn't, but Mike discovers that he has a security camera. However, the manager tells him the footage is wiped after a month. Natalie invites Kevin back to her place where he tells her that he's certain he does want to have sex. Sean is upset when Samantha tells him she doesn't want to see him again. Rita is furious when Kevin returns home at 3.00am. He feels guilty when he wakes Rosie up.


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