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Vera pleads with Jack not to let anyone know that Terry tried to steal the takings. Jack agrees to say that Terry left after a row with him. Tricia apologises to Jack over the way she spoke to him over Terry and now believes all he said about him. Alec worries when he learns the new Sunliners Travel Agency hotshot Adam Newbould is going to visit. Tricia feels she made a fool of herself over Terry. Jamie tells her to forget all about other men as he can look after her. Betty is indignant when Fred complains about the chewy meat in her hotpot. She knows that he just wants her meat order but Vera tells her to improve the food. Martin hears that Don isn't going to be sectioned and has now been put in prison, charged with attempted murder. Martin doesn't think it's right because Don is mentally ill. Jack tells Ray that he doesn't blame him for thumping Terry and suggests he calls at the Rovers. Kevin assures Rita that Natalie is just his business partner. Alma worries that she'll have to give evidence against Don now that he's been charged. When Tricia assures him that she's never going to want Terry again, Ray tells her he still wants her and asks her to move in with him. Tricia feels that they can't have any future as she dropped him so quickly for Terry.


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