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Jack takes the call from Mr Braithwaite, telling him where Annie can be found. Ena calls into the Rovers to take Lucille through her panto songs on the pub's new piano. An unconcerned Jack tells Billy where his mother is and refuses to let his son go and fetch her, saying he'll throw him out if he does. Jack is at the end of his tether with his wife's behaviour. Ena gets impatient with Lucille's lack of concentration but she eventually improves. Ena overhears Billy shouting at Jack to go to the hotel and resolves to take action herself. She borrows sixpence from Minnie to take the bus. Stan has begun his job as Santa Claus. Annie is surprised when Ena turns up at the hotel and introduces her to Mr Braithwaite. He leaves her and Annie to talk. Annie admits she's lonely and Ena tells her to return, saying Jack is in a pitiful state and drinking too much as he misses so much. She isn't impressed by Annie's dramatic plea that she'll spend a life living in poverty separated from her husband and tells her she shouldn't be so sure of her facts. Billy decides to ignore his father's order but before he can set out Ena comes into the pub, telling him to go to the vestry and help his mother with her cases. Wealthy local butcher Willie Piggott visits the street to the residents' surprise. Charlie is mimicking a striptease act in the public when Annie walks in. She insists she's only come back to collect her things. Billy tells Annie he was sacked from the garage after punching a customer. He got a lower-paid job in a cafe and that Jack has been paying his rent - to Mrs. Nicholls. Annie is angry with Billy and is forced to apologise to Jack. Piggott finds out from Albert where Ken lives. Billy returns to London after chatting up Irma. Piggott goes to No.9 where he thrusts £100 into Ken's hand to ensure his son Brian passes his tech exam. He leaves quickly before Ken can return the bribe.


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