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Don tells Ashley he was joking about setting fire to the factory. Ashley isn't sure what to make of him. Mavis celebrates her birthday and Derek tells her that she'll have to wait for her present as he has to collect it. Andy is ashamed of himself when he learns Steve has had another fourteen days added to his sentence. Jim tells Andy he must stop feeling sorry for himself and get on with his life, feeling he went through a lot worse when he was Andy's age as he was in the army. Vera worries that Tricia and Ray Thorpe are getting serious. Mike seethes over the way Don thinks he's got away with arson. He swears to Alma that he'll make Don pay one way or the other. Tricia's delighted by the way Ray hits it off with Jamie. Jim is amazed to hear in the Rovers that Andy is giving up university. The neighbours gather for Mavis's party but she is worried when Derek fails to turn up. He phones to say he's stuck in traffic. When he says he'll be an hour late she accuses him of ruining her birthday. Derek annoys a motorist by cutting him up. The motorist argues with him and when Derek rows back the motorist bends the paper clip sign on the roof until it snaps off. After the motorist has driven off, Derek suffers a massive heart attack and collapses in the car.


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