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Florrie wonders if Annie has had a breakdown. Ena scoffs at her suggestion that she's gone off with Arthur Forsyth-Jones. Dennis pushes a busy Len to fix the broken ceiling before Elsie returns. The bank rings Jack, giving him the information that Annie requested about the cheques. Ken and Val tell Charlie to fix the hole in the ceiling, refusing to pay for it themselves. Dennis suddenly agrees to pay the cost when Charlie subtly blackmails him about seeing Rita in the bed. Lucille takes over the cooking duties at the Rovers. Jack appreciates her efforts. Billy Walker arrives suddenly to find out the truth over Annie. Jack tells him that the cheques to Mrs. Nicholls are the cause. Annie is staying in the Egremont Hotel under her maiden name. Worried about her solitude, fellow guest Mr Braithwaite tries to engage her in conversation. Manageress Mrs Nelson is sure she's met Annie before. Dennis misses rehearsals for the panto as he awaits Len arriving to carry out the repairs. Jack refuses to chase Annie anymore, knowing full well her usual tricks. Billy is astonished to meet Irma and grows suspicious when she tells him that Jack took her on. Stan gets a job at Shuttleworth's as Santa Claus and can't make the panto rehearsals. Elsie returns early. Len and Dennis try to prevent her going upstairs but she gets past them. When she comes back down, they don't realise that she didn't spot the hole and blurt out the confused story about Rita. She demands the truth about what's been going on from them. At Charlie's suggestion, Stan persuades Albert into taking over his part in the panto. Annie enjoys chatting to Mr Braithwaite. Jack tells Billy that wherever she is, Annie is enjoying her play-acting. At that moment, Annie breaks down in the hotel so that Mr Braithwaite, will phone Jack and tell him where she is. She listens eagerly through the open door as he makes the call on the hallway phone.


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