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Jim is disgusted by the way Andy appears to be hung-over all the time. He tries to straighten him out but Andy isn't interested. Ashley is thrilled with having Maxine as a girlfriend. Maureen is left alone in the shop when Sally goes down with flu. Chris tries to show Kevin how grateful he is for the use of the sofa but Kevin wants rid of him. Maxine is embarrassed by Ashley in his butcher's apron so she is short with him, refusing to make a date with him. Maureen asks Maud to help her in the shop and Maud enjoys letting her sweat before helping out. Mike is surprised when Angie tells him that Kbec know he's manufacturing counterfeit goods and warns him to get rid of the stock before the Inland Revenue and Trading Standards get on to him. Des agrees to rent No.6 to Angie, but tells her that he isn't interested in payment. She hopes to set up her own business. Mike sacks his workforce, saying he has to close down for a few weeks. Don clears out Josie's stuff and finds her keys to Mike's factory. Mike tells Alma that Kbec are onto him. She panics and fears they'll go to prison. He assures her he'll store the stock elsewhere as soon as he can. She tells him she'll do all she can to help. Alan tells Fiona he'll do his best to change. She is stunned when he asks her to marry him.


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Notable dialogue[]

Derek Wilton: "People say I'm enigmatic."
Mavis Wilton: "No Derek, they say you're an enigma - there's a difference."


Des Barnes: "The women in this street are capable of anything."

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