Vera fears that Tricia has run away with Brad when she disappears but Jack thinks she's just trying to scare them. Becky hangs round the Street, confused over Claire and Des' split. She finds out that Samantha was involved and shouts at her in the Street, waking her up. Samantha feels bad for the way she's suffered and Mavis tries to comfort distraught Becky. Des is upset by the scene and blames Samantha for causing the upset. Tricia goes to Blackpool to see the Hortons. They are wary of her when she tells them Brad is Tommy's half-brother. Doreen feels sorry for her but Jeff tells her she's better off without Terry. Tricia gives Doreen a letter and asks her to give it to Terry if he turns up. Des is sad when Derek returns his walkman from Becky. Andy is amazed to find Liz maintains the siege was nothing to do with Fraser. He is angry when he realises she is still with Fraser and tells her he doesn't want to see her again. Maureen offers Claire's job at the shop to Sally and is pleased when she takes it. Andy drops a glass behind the bar and cuts his hand. Jim takes him home, worried about him as he's not sleeping. Jack is amazed to find that on Brad's birth certificate Tricia has left the father's name blank. When Tricia returns to the pub, Vera tells her that she wants her to stay with them for good.


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Audrey Roberts: "He's supposed to be an intelligent man, and ever since we've known him he's just blundered from one mess to another."

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