Ena returns from Vera's and pumps Minnie for the latest gossip. Minnie doesn't tell her about the panto at the mission but Jack mentions it. Ena vows to bring a halt to the plans. Emily looks for Annie to invite her to play the Fairy Godmother. Lucille discovers she isn't at the Rovers but doesn't think anything of it. Ena doesn't know what to do about Sunday dinner as she doesn't have anything in and the Corner Shop is closed. She decides to take Annie up on the offer she made on Stan's wrestling night and join the Walkers for tea but finds her hostess is absent. Ena isn't fooled when Jack says it slipped his mind that Annie was going to Joan's today. Jack realises that Annie has found out about Mrs. Nicholls when Lucille tells him that Annie had the key to his drawer. He calls Joan but gets no answer there. Elsie has gone to stay with Dot, leaving an incapable Dennis to cook for himself. Dennis agrees to play Buttons in Cinderella on the condition that he's named as a special appearance on the program and poster and Emily makes his dinner. He gets working on his singing voice and sings a duet with Emily. Emily promises Ena that she won't be put to any inconvenience by the panto. Jack reaches Joan and finds that Annie isn't there.


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