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Andy is alarmed when Liz tells him Fraser is out. He wants to cancel his trip to Ireland but Liz refuses to let him. Curly is embarrassed to find Anne talking to the female staff about sexual harassment. He tells Eric Firman that Anne is trying to make him out as a pervert and talks to him about leaving the keys with an assistant before discovering Anne hasn't told him about the incident. Ken tells Emily that he'd like to give his relationship with Deirdre one last try. Betty agrees to look after the Rovers when Vera tells her that she really does want Jack to be her guest. Sally warns Ashley that Mike is selling dodgy goods and advises him to stay clear of it. Roy's solicitor sorts out the contracts on the cafe. He assures the customers he won't be making any changes. Mike is annoyed when Ashley tells him he can't work for him any more. He guesses Sally has put him off and rows with her, saying that if he always played honest he'd have lost everything. Liz asks Alan for his advice on how to deal with Fraser. Alan tells her that Fraser served eighteen months for fraud and that he's known to be a gent. Liz is relieved. Thinking it's the only way to get through to Betty, Jack starts insulting her behind the bar before discovering she's agreed to look after the pub so he can go to the dance. She tells him she's changed her mind and won't man the pub. Fiona is pleased for Liz that Fraser isn't violent and is alarmed when Alan tells her he's married and he's glad Liz is with him as the police will be able to keep an eye on his movements.


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