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Gary worries that Judy is rushing round too much but doesn't tell her that he thinks she's pregnant. Maud suggests Bill moves in with them to a shocked Maureen. Roy is depressed about losing his home and his job. He realises that the only answer is to buy the cafe himself. Des takes the mickey out of Sean for his interest in Samantha. Alma brings Paul Buckley and his colleague Michael Pearce back to the cafe. Gail tells Roy that he'll need to raise £35,000 to buy Alma's share and he goes off to see the banks. Gail feels bad for him knowing he'll never get a loan. Alma tells Mike that she thinks the two men will buy the cafe. Deirdre is not sure about moving back in with Ken. Sue Jeffers finds out that Deirdre still has a key to No.1 and questions why. Judy has no news for Gary and tells Joyce that she'll be the one to tell him when the time comes, not her mother. Bill decides to move into the flat over the corner shop. Sally works late to help pack up ready for the markets, still worrying about selling counterfeit goods. Roy tells Gail and Martin that he's not raised a loan but has cashed in savings accounts containing money his gran left him. They're amazed when he says that he has the money ready to buy Alma's share of the cafe.


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