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Deirdre tells Ken it's obvious Sue Jeffers fancies him and she is jealous. She tells him to think about the signals he gives Sue. Becky spies on Ashley and discovers it's his birthday. Des teases her about her obsession. Mike assures Sally he needs her but will have to lay off half the workforce. Des lends Becky a Walkman that Lisa once gave him. Ken pleads with Sue not to make him redundant. She tells him she's sympathetic but she has to lose some of her experienced staff. She questions him about Deirdre, annoyed that they are so friendly. Gail tries to make up with Alma and is shocked when Alma tells her she's dissolving their partnership and selling the cafe. Alma offers to sell her share to Gail but Gail gets angry, pointing out she can't afford it. Alma assures her it's nothing personal, she's doing it to help Mike. Ashley wonders if Maxine is using modelling as an excuse to get to know him better. Fiona winds him up by telling him Maxine has to practice body massage. Becky gives surprised Ashley the Walkman as a birthday present. The Robertses go on holiday to Portugal. Stephen tells Alma it's sad that she has to sell the cafe as it will affect Gail's life. He tries to charm her into changing her mind, pointing out she needs the cafe as an escape. She slaps his face when he calls her a hypocrite over her feelings for him. She breaks down when he leaves. Des buys Becky a new Walkman, explaining the other one has sentimental value. Becky is horrified and tells him she's left the other one at school. Alma tells Mike to play as dirty as he has to survive.


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