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Samantha forces Curly to sleep on the sofa and then tells him he must leave. He tells her that he had to escape from Anne but Samantha refuses to be moved. He offers to reduce her rent and she finally agrees when he knocks £40 a week off. She tells him she must have the best bedroom and a bolt fitted on the bathroom door. Sally thinks it's wicked that Stephen used Don as an excuse to drop them. Anne pleads with Curly to come home with her and turns on him when he refuses. She accuses him of lusting after Samantha and tells him he'll regret spurning her. Ashley falls for Maxine and is thrilled when she asks him to model for her. Gail and Alma fall out over the Mike/Stephen business and the atmosphere in the cafe upsets Roy. Gail tells Alma she doesn't want to fall out with her but Alma tells her she is involved; if Stephen ruins Mike she is ruined too. Anne tells Eric Firman that Curly is sexually harassing her. Eric suggests to Curly that he takes a little break as he's obviously stressed. Curly is bemused. Sean chats Samantha up and invites her out. She tells him she's going walking in Todmorden and invites him to join her. Sean lies and says he loves walking. Anne is victorious when Eric tells her he's suspended Curly so he can sort himself out. Don gets a job operating the taxi firm's radio, four nights a week. Mike interrupts Stephen dining with the Platts to tell him he knows he used Don as an excuse to dump him. Gail is shocked to see a callous side to Stephen. Stephen tells Mike he's small fry and can easily be swatted.


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Des Barnes: "Mountain boots? You've never climbed a mountain in yer life."
Sean Skinner: "I 'ave. Holland, it was."

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