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Becky is obsessed with Ashley and hangs round the street hoping to catch a glimpse of him. Anne has her parents to Sunday lunch as she wants them to meet Curly. Curly feels awkward as Anne lets them believe they are living together. He is shocked when she tells them he is getting divorced. Fred is interrogated by Jack, Gary, Billy and Alf over why he didn't tell them Hilary Forrest told him the horse would do well in the race. He maintains they would have complained if the horse hadn't won but lets it slip that he took Hilary out for lunch. Mike rings round a few mates and discovers Kbec have pulled out of half of their contracts, using lame excuses. Fred is forced to agree with the others in the syndicate that no one is to meet with Hilary unless another group member is present. Don sells his car. Sally asks Gail if she knows what's going on with Stephen and Kbec and gets into a row with Audrey who feels Mike has let Stephen down. Sally gets annoyed when Audrey patronises her and tells her that she's worried about people's jobs. Curly tells Anne she must understand he isn't living with her, merely renting a room in her house. She tells him she knows they will soon have a sexual relationship, panicking him. He packs, saying if he stays it'll get worse. She tries frantically to keep him but he flees. Mike tells Alma it's obvious Stephen was lying to them and just used Don as an excuse to break with them. Alma is furious on Mike's behalf. Mike confesses that he hasn't a clue what he's going to do. Samantha is startled to find Curly in No.7. He tells her that he's moving back and she can't stop him.


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