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Mike can't believe Stephen would cancel the contract over Don. Jack tries to prepare Vera for the day Tricia finds herself another man, accusing her of getting too attached. Audrey feels Alf has got into bad habits with his driving and gives him a lesson. He refuses to have any more with her as she nags him too much. Andy realises he doesn't care if Anne fancies Curly or not as he's had enough of living with her. Mike begs Stephen to reconsider as he'll be putting people on the dole. Stephen refuses so Mike accuses him of pulling out because of Alma embarrassing him. Andy is embarrassed when Anne is rude to Curly, demanding to know when he's going to leave. Curly is appalled when Anne tells him she's told Andy about her declaration of love. When Becky is locked out of No.6, Ashley takes her in for the afternoon. Curly swears to Andy that nothing happened between him and Anne but Andy tells him he doesn't care. Andy tells him how Anne's obsessive behaviour is killing him. Curly is appalled as Andy lists his grievances about rota-crazy, cleanliness-obsessed Anne with her washing-up rota and ironing her knickers. Becky happily gets drunk on Ashley's lager and thinks he's wonderful. Denise collects Daniel from Ken and tells him that he could have regular access if he dropped the case against her as they both know she'll win. She offers him an out-of-court settlement, giving him more access than if they went through the courts. She threatens to make life hard for him if he goes to court but he refuses to be budged. Mike tells Alma about his chat with Stephen and says that if he can't get enough work for the factory, the two of them stand to lose everything. Andy packs and tells Anne and Curly he's moving out and it's nothing to do with Curly; he just feels they've reached the end of the road. Anne is upset and Curly feels trapped.


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