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Vera misses having the Armstrongs to stay as they felt like family. Gary offers to look over Samantha's bike when it gives her trouble, but Judy stops him. Audrey presses Alf to use his Square Dealership to help him in court as he appears on a charge of dangerous driving. To help Don out, Jack buys his share of the horse for £150. Vera tells him it's good to help a friend in need and suggests they help Tricia, as well as Don. Deirdre admits to Emily that she feels Daniel would be better off with Denise so she and Ken can have an uncomplicated start to their relationship. Jack has new spectacles fitted. Alf is fined £200 and told he'll have to take his driving test again. Audrey feels that Weatherfield is the only town that has incorruptible officials. Stephen feels awkward when Alma phones him to ask to see him whilst he's in a meeting with Mike. Samantha is grateful when Jim mends the bike for her. Anne tells Andy about confessing that she said she fancied Curly. She is stunned when he doesn't think it's a big deal and accuses her of wanting rid of Curly just because she made a fool of herself. Alma tells Stephen she wanted to see him because she wants him to know they can just be friends. They are interrupted by Don who apologises to Alma for writing the letter. Alma is stunned when Stephen reveals he knows about Don's suicide attempt.


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