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Curly got as far as Stockport before realising he was chasing a mirage. He feels he has everything to live for in Weatherfield. He tells Samantha she can stay at No.7 as his lodger and is stunned when she tells him it's her house now under her rental agreement and he'll have to move out. Maureen tells Curly that Bill knows about their night of passion and tells him he should never have come back. The Platts have dinner at the Baldwins' flat. They toast for a prosperous New Year. Maxine is horrified to see Curly back in Weatherfield and confesses to Fiona that Curly was the man she slept with. Fiona thinks it's hysterical. Liz tells Andy and Jim that Fraser has warned her about Steve and Malcolm Fox. They are amazed she's getting involved with a criminal. When Mike mouths off about Don being stupid and greedy, Martin breaks the news about him trying to kill himself. Mike is taken aback but still thinks he's a loser and only has himself to blame. Gail is disgusted with him and the Platts leave hastily to avoid hearing more of Mike's rants. Curly is relieved when Eric Firman rings him and gives him his job back. Samantha tells Curly he can stay the night but then has to go. Alan calls on Fiona and apologises for letting her down previously. Alma tells Mike she hates his uncaring views.


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  • In possibly a unique error, the title name of the programme did not appear on this episode. The title sequence cut out early to a shot of the street over which the Coronation Street caption should have appeared but it was inadvertently missed out.
  • TV Times synopsis: Maxine and Maureen have a day of surprises. Mike and Alma's dinner party doesn't go quite as planned.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,210,000 viewers (6th place - combined figure including repeat).
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