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Maureen regrets her night of passion with Curly. When Bill returns she is angry with him, feeling that if he hadn't let her down she wouldn't have called on Curly. Bill is disheartened. Don refuses to be pampered by the Platts and returns home. Jack hates having the Armstrongs around, feeling they take over too much. He is shocked when Martin tells him about Don's suicide attempt and agrees to keep an eye on him. Gerry tells Liz that she has to visit Fraser as Steve is in trouble. Curly feels bad that he took advantage of Maureen. He tells her that their night together was special but they haven't a future together whilst she has one with Bill. Jack visits Don, trying to cheer him up, but Don tells him that he's not got a future. Curly has his last day at Firman's Freezers and tells delighted Anne that she is the new temporary manager. She tells him that she's always looked up to him as he oozes wisdom and self-knowledge. Liz worries over Steve and fears Fraser might be using him to get to her. Bill is relieved when Maureen makes up with him. He feared that she'd thought he and Elaine had spent the night together.


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