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Don is overcome with smoke in the garage, his head falls against the horn and the noise wakes the street up. Martin and Kevin investigate and find Don. They take him into No.8 and resuscitate him. Jack lays into Vera for allowing Alec behind his bar and fears he wants his empire back. He accuses Vera of encouraging Alec and demands to know what they got up to. Vera is thrilled by his jealousy. Don comes round and refuses to let Martin take him to hospital. He rows with Martin for stopping him from killing himself. Gail can't understand why Don would want to kill himself but he tells her he's lost everything and there's no point in him living any more. She tells him to pull himself together; she always thought he had guts. Percy entertains Maud and Maureen on Christmas Day. Maureen is bored rigid. Don stays with the Platts for Christmas dinner, much to Audrey's annoyance. Jack refuses to talk to Vera. When Alec comes into the Rovers for a drink, Jack accuses him of being after the pub and Vera. Vera enjoys flirting with Alec to wind Jack up. Martin refuses to let Don out of his sight. Audrey tells Gail she thinks Don stage-managed his suicide attempt so he'd be found and everyone would make a fuss of him. Maureen calls on Curly and they open a bottle of wine together, comforting each other over Reg and Raquel. Vera tells Jack it's obvious he's grumpy because he's frustrated. She traps him in the living room and tells him he's the only man who turns her on. He pleads with her to leave him alone as he's an invalid but she promises to be gentle with him. Curly and Maureen tell each other how much they like each other and start kissing.


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