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Alec plants marked £5 notes in his coat pocket at work. Maureen is dejected when Bill decides to see Carl and not go to Spain. He feels bad for letting her down. Liz borrows Deirdre's clothes as she doesn't want to wear her normal short skirts when she visits Fraser. Samantha is interested to hear that Sean has dumped Liz. Claire goes to the RAF and is told that she'll have to return the balance of the pension. She is relieved it's all over and also that if she finishes with Des the money starts again. Liz visits Fraser and tells him that he must stop hounding her. She is amazed when he disarms her and starts to charm her. He tells her that he never meant to frighten her but finds her irresistible. Ashley and Kelly have a tearful farewell when she leaves for Scotland. He gives her a charm bracelet to remember him by. Maureen takes Claire on at the corner shop. Becky is alarmed as she thinks it's not a good enough job for an officer's widow. Alec watches Joyce steal his money and then confronts her. She starts to cry, saying she's had trouble. He tells her that he's disappointed in her and he'll have to let people know.


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