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Des tries to apologise to Derek over accusing him of shopping them but Derek doesn't let him. Liz tells Andy about Fraser's obsession with her. She tells him that she's frightened. Deirdre tells Alec that he's upsetting Roy but Alec feels Roy is his passport out of a backstreet travel agents. Roy asks Alec to visit him at home. Vera worries when she finds money missing from the till. Charlie Palmer begs Des to forgive him as he fears Claire will stop him seeing Becky. Des agrees but Claire is hostile towards Charlie when she sees him. Joyce is embarrassed when Gary calls on Bernard her landlord to check out the harassment story. He tells Gary that Joyce left as she owes him back-rent. Judy feels they're stuck with Joyce now. Samantha views No.7 and Curly agrees to rent her the house, promising he'll be moved out soon. Alec visits Roy in his flat and is startled when Roy tells him that he is in contact with the spirit world and talks to his dead auntie. Roy is pleased when he frightens Alec off. Andy tells Jim about Fraser. Jim accuses Liz of telling Andy as she knew he'd tell him and tells her that he won't be springing to her aid. Ken is horrified when Kelly tells him that she's agreed to work for Denise in Scotland so Daniel gets care continuity. He accuses Kelly of stabbing him in the back.


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