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Gary hates having Joyce living at No.9. Judy demands to know why Joyce has had to leave her house. Joyce tells her that her landlord was sexually harassing her. Fiona is annoyed when Tony tells her that he wants to finish with Maxine but she won't take the hint. Charlie Palmer calls at No.6 and is shocked to find bloodied Sean there. He thinks that Claire's mixing in bad circles. Roy turns to Deirdre for help, explaining that Alec is after him and won't leave him alone. He doesn't want to be treated as a freak. Vera worries that she'll never be able to get rid of Alec as he settles in behind the Rovers' bar. Maxine looks forward to her Christmas with Tony. Claire is furious when Charlie implies that Des used the RAF pension to buy his boat. He calls Des a chancer, upsetting Becky. Claire guesses that he shopped her to the RAF and throws him out. Samantha views the flat over the betting shop and decides to take it before Anne tells her that Curly is leaving and may want to rent his house out. Liz is shaken when she hears that Sean has been beaten up. Maxine is shocked when Tony tells her that he's been seeing other girls. She forgives him but he tells her that he doesn't want her forgiveness; he wants her out of his life. Becky is disappointed in Charlie. Claire is disgusted with him.


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