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Sally is annoyed when Kevin refuses to help look after the children. She takes Sophie into work, infuriating Mike who thinks that she's in the way. Tony is tired of Maxine and hopes to take up with Gill Ferguson. Joyce wins £100 on a scratch card bought at The Kabin. She is thrilled but Tricia is annoyed that she didn't buy the card. Alec tries to get Vera to agree to hosting an Irish night with his acts. Gerry Turner tries to present Liz with a gift but she refuses it. Fred realises that Rita isn't going to accept him so lets her out of it by saying he's a womaniser and that he's proposed to two other women at the same time. She has mixed feelings as she doesn't know what her answer would have eventually been. Judy apologises to Joyce when Joyce shows off her new jacket. Liz is terrified when she returns home to find Gerry has been and left the gift on her table. Curly accuses Angie of looking down on him and the Street residents. She is sad that he is dismissive and leaves to return to Canada.


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