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Jack tells Alec that Harvey Nuttall is interested in booking some acts on a regular basis. Jack tells Alec he'll introduce him and give him 10% commission. Alec says he'll not do it for less than 50%. Judy fears that she might be barren and never conceive. She is amazed when Raquel tells her that she's leaving for Kuala Lumpur. Sean accuses Liz of spreading malicious rumours about him sexually harassing her. He tells her that she's very sick. Jack tries in vain to get hold of a list of Alec's artistes. Raquel phones Curly at his conference but puts the phone down before he answers. He tells a shocked Eric that Raquel is leaving him. Judy tries to get Raquel to make up with Curly but Raquel tells her that their marriage is over; she doesn't love him and she's mucked up his life. She feels she should never have married him in the first place. Liz apologises to Sean for putting Samantha off him. They end up having a drink together. Curly tells Eric that he always hoped Raquel would love him but knew she never would. Jack agrees to giving Alec 50% commission but Alec tells him that he's too late; he's gone direct to Harvey and set up the acts himself. Sean admits to Liz that he finds himself drawn to her. She is flattered and they end up in each other's arms. Raquel irons all of Curly's clothes and gives her leftover belongings to Judy, bidding her a tearful farewell.


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